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Solar Panels in Mandurah, Perth, WA,

Looking for extraordinary deals on solar panel installation Mandurah? Then definitely West Surge Solar is your answer. Mandurah’s leading team of solar panel installers offering a variety of solar panel solutions to meet the unique needs of each property in Perth.

With the increase in electricity cost, more and more owners are now switching to solar power in Mandurah. This has lead to the growth and demand for solar installation in Mandurah in comparison to the last few years; as such the prices of solar panel supply and installation has finally reduced. The present solar deals are beneficial making it the perfect time to move into solar power. Ever imaging the perfect time to assist your energy consumption and production and the impact on your environment; there is never a better time than now.

The crew at West Surge Solar has years of experience installing solar panels for both home and business owners in the Mandurah area. All our clients receive extensive commercial and residential services across Mandurah; our technicians provide customised solar panel system solutions to meet the individual requirements of each and every property. West Surge Solar are excited to help and welcome the comfort of solar panel installation Mandurah; from reduction on power bills, to making independent and designing a supportable property.

Why Switch To Solar Panel In Mandurah?

Trust me or not, Mandurah offers perfect opportunity when switching to solar power generation that you will not regret. As the electricity energy price persist to raise, increasingly more house and company owners are switching to solar power technology in Mandurah. Luckily, as the order for solar panels Mandurah continues to expand, the price for a solar panel supply and installation remains to go low. This factor of current solar cost makes now the ideal time to switch to solar power.

With more than two million household in Australia have already installed some form of solar energy source; whether it be in the form of solar panels, batteries or any alternative renewable energy sources. There is an increase of interest every year in growing community of Mandurah to become energy independent. And it’s not hard to find out why especially with the power cost increase; more property owners in Mandurah are experiencing really very high rates for general power production.

The group at West Surge Solar has been in business for decades, installing solar panels on all types of properties in Mandurah. We provide a comprehensive selection of solar panels both commercial and residential systems across Perth; we provide solar power solutions that suit your unique need for every Mandurah location. West Surge Solar are dedicated to their job offer helping hand to every Mandurah owners also embrace them with benefits of solar power generation; helping them save on the electricity power charges likewise reducing carbon footprint and becoming independent from power mains.

The Affordable West Surge Solar Process Mandurah Helps Reduce Your Electricity Costs.

Our process is very simple you begin with over the telephone discussion, our skilled team will then talk over your site, your present electricity charges, the solar model you’re interested in, how much power you’d like to produce considering new solar panels in Mandurah. We then offer a range of solar options that suit both large and small scale property.

If your site is a strong candidate for solar panels Mandurah, we’ll get started by initially designing a bespoke solar energy system for the property. For the purpose of maximizing your energy creation with solar, we focus on creating solar systems that are totally customised to the intention and station of your site, and the total power you plan on creating with your new solar power energy systems.

Afterwards, we’ll get you started with the installation of the solar panel Mandurah process. We work with industries best solar panel installers Mandurah has to offer, all our technicians are trained educated to handle all kinds of PV solar panel implementation process, from authorise to examination and interrelationship. It does not matter what your system size is, we attempt to make this part of the process as smooth as possible.

Eventually, you’ll be all put up with your brand new solar power system from West Surge Solar. You’ll start to notice the gap in power bills helping you save almost instantly. After the complete solar panel installation Mandurah procedure is finish, each and every customer is guaranteed after-sale support for all ongoing questions, after care and solar power services. Customer support, customer care, client relations, and support service are the core values of everything that we do; from the first phone consultation to our final-installation support you can always trust us.

At West Surge Solar, we are dedicated in prioritizing our solar Mandurah customers, guaranteeing that every customer requirement is achieved with our top-quality solar systems. If you’d like to know more about a tailored Mandurah solar system, please feel free to contact us via phone or email us today. We’re your reliable and dependable domestic and commercial solar company for all solar technology in Mandurah Perth.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing Solar Panels In Mandurah?

With so many benefits on offer by switching to solar in Mandurah. Below are some of the main benefits of installing solar:
Reduction In Carbon Footprint

Solar energy is undoubtedly by far the best when it comes to environment than relying on the mains electric grid. Gaining further steps to reduce your carbon footprint, essentially while using your electrical instrument during the morning hours and installing energy-saving light bulbs, can also serve a long way in building a sustainable family.

Outstanding ROI

PV Solar panels offer an impressive return on your early investment. As such you will have no problem in taking back your initial solar panels investment in Mandurah over the serviceable life of your solar system.

Cost Effective

Based on the solar type model installed, your site location and the total amount of electricity your home or office uses on a day today basis, you can then save upto hundreds sometime thousands of dollars each year on your electricity bills.

Solar Panel Initiatives and Rebates

Both home and commercial owners that opt for solar renewable power are likely for solar panels in Mandurah rebates under the Australian government solar rebate.

Increase In Property Value

Besides adding solar to your Mandurah property serve as an increase in value for future home buyers, it also increase the overall look charm worth and value of your property. Preserving your solar panels with a team of specialist will also help to boost your home’s general value.

Satisfaction And Peace Of Mind

From side of a country to the other, electricity prices are increasing at a alarming rate. This certainly is a discouraging seen for many families in Mandurah. Thus by switching to solar power in Perth will give you the peace of mind knowing that your home or company won’t be overblown by these fast-growing rates.

Is West Surge Solar The Best Solar Installation In Mandurah?

With regards to solar panel installation, the squad at West Surge Solar is the Mandurah specialist. To name a few that make us the best residential and commercial solar installers in Mandurah.
Vastly Experienced

One of the long-standing solar power companies in Mandurah, Perth. All our team members are highly experienced with over decades of solar energy industry knowledge. We’ve been in the trade for more than ten years; offering exceptional, first class solar system assistance across Perth. All our electrical technicians are certified to do every type of solar job in Mandurah that you can think of, none of the solar projects are considered too big or too small for West Surge Solar.


In our lifetime working in Mandurah, we have established as one of the powerful reputed solar company providing high quality solar services, economical solar power production and top-performing products from superior solar suppliers in Perth. We offer exceptional products or services and never like to compromise– we have sound knowledge as such we know what we’re doing, and make sure we do it very well. If you want to know more about our phenomenal reputation in Mandurah for solar panel installation, check out our solar panel reviews.

100% Client Satisfaction

At West Surge Solar, you’ll never be considered like just another number or client. We ensure to supply customised and individual services providing each client with the finest solar panel package to meet every client’s requirements. We’re excited in helping our customers receive the comfort of switching to solar – all services are offered above and beyond to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their new solar systems.

Proudly Australian Owned And Operated

Amongst the other solar panel companies in Perth, West Surge Solar is a fully Australian-owned and operated. Our goal is to provide homes right across Mandurah with renewable energy solutions and high quality solar energy systems. We are proud of the work we do, working towards a cleaner future for our beautiful country, while saving our valued customers money on every bill. Our services include commercial and residential solar properties with friendly staff, well informed and well experienced solar installers who are always happy to answer any queries that may arise.

Comprehensive Services

In addition to comprehensive solar panel installation Mandurah, we also provide support, maintenance and servicing, solar panel repairs across Perth. Post the installation of your solar panels, it doesn’t mean that you won’t hear from us. Our support is ongoing which includes solar panel cleaning, maintenance, service and repairs. Have any question for us, we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you providing friendly, Expert advice on Mandurah solar energy creation.

Professional And Qualified

West Surge Solar are approved accredited solar installer and designer and members of the Master Electricians. Solar system design and solar system installation is our speciality, so whether you need to install a small system for your home or a large system for your business, you can trust we have the expertise to design the perfect premium solar solutions for your unique needs. We strive to keep up and exceed this standard by accomplishing exceptional services and solar industry best practices in Mandurah.

Looking for solar panels with battery storage Mandurah?

Battery Storage Systems Mandurah to Save Solar Power

If ever you want to maximise your money in the ideal possible way, consider placing a battery storage systems together with your solar panel systems. In reality, solar battery storage Mandurah systems are becoming feasible with more and more attractive option in Mandurah. If you are looking for an excellent quality battery storage system Mandurah, West Surge Solar Batteries can help you. On having a solar power system a solar battery storage system can allow you to have more benefit. For the convenience of our clients, we provide branded components under one roof. We have merged with top brands like Tesla Energy bringing you the Powerwall and other brands so you can take control of your family electricity. The storage size of batteries is based on statistically planned usage patterns so that it can provide electricity even during nightfall as well as during overcast.

Best Battery Storage Systems Mandurah, Perth

Don’t think twice; contact West Surge Solar Batteries right away, if you looking for a best firm for your battery storage systems Mandurah or other solar needs in Perth. We are top ranking solar battery storage company in Mandurah. We are known to provide economical prices and top quality products. Here at West Surge Solar Batteries, we are always ready to help customers hold on to this upgraded technology taking control of your home’s power use and costs. Our specialists technicians will explain select the best type and size of battery for your property. We are happy to discuss with you and make recommendations on what the best battery storage Mandurah that will meet your needs. The larger the home the larger the battery, consult a clean energy expert and electrician to ensure the sizing works and the system will meet your expectations. Call us today to discuss this with one of our highly qualified technicians.

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