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Solar Panels Bunbury, Perth WA

Looking to install Solar System / Solar panels for your home or business for a reasonable cost? We’re Solar Panel installers Bunbury Who Can Help You !
We are licensed electrical contractors accredited to design and install a custom solar PV Systems to your home or offices that will help reduce the power consumption considerably. All our systems are designed as per Australian standard and based on a few factors, some of which are: Energy usage of family, Living arrangements of the house, Roof layout/design and available space for the best potential energy yield, the systems we install are installed with the highest attention to quality and assurance. This includes connecting to the electricity distribution network – a Grid Connected System – which enables you to send your surplus power to the grid and offset your usage.

We would love to help you achieve and even exceed your sustainability goals. We don’t believe in having the cheapest type of Solar system installed when you are already paying for the better standard of labour. West Surge Solar Solutions has skilled technicians and experience to optimize your solar project.

Why choose West Surge Solar Solutions Bunbury

Certified Solar Installer And Repair

We are your local CEC accredited solar installers in Bunbury. Trusted solar installation specialists offering custom solar systems for home or business.

Over Decades Of Experience

West Surge Solar are proudly WA-owned and operated and are among the leading residential and commercial solar installers and repair in Bunbury.

Access to latest technology

We are highly experienced trusted solar electrician who can safely plan, install and maintain your system, can identify any faults quickly and solve them efficiently and effectively.

Competitive Pricing

We combine affordable solar solution with the highest standards of customer service excellence.

Quick Installation

We are a team of dedicated experts especially when it comes to rendering a complete solar service in Bunbury.

Honest, Transparent & Reliable

We are one of the best PV solar system and solar power panel installation firm thee most trusted providing exceptional solar repair services throughout Bunbury.

Your Local PV Solar Panels And Battery Storage Bunbury Tailored To Your Needs

If you are looking for a local solar panel and battery storage installer to install or service your solar or battery storage system, use our team of solar and battery storage specialists. All our staff are trained and experienced. We are locally-based service team consists of in-house electrical engineers, accredited installers, and Level 2 electricians.

We are Clean Energy Council accredited installers are certified and trained to ensure your system meets industry best practice standards and all relevant Australian Standards, carefully and efficiently in all projects we do. We are experts on all of the products available on the market. That’s why we only work with the best and most trusted solar and battery brands.

We go beyond our customers expectation helping them find the right solar and battery storage solution that suits their needs. All our clients are kept informed of their options so that they understand how solar battery works.

We understand as local owned and operated solar panel and battery storage in Bunbury one shoe size doesn’t fit all nor as a solar battery storage company we force you into buying one: our technician will work with you to find a viable solution that is good for you, good for your property and good for the world saving both money and reduce pollution through carbon footprint.

Avail Battery Storage Systems Bunbury for Some Great Purposes

Battery Storage Systems Bunbury

Just installing a good solar panel at your property or home is not sufficient. For the proper use, make sure to couple that solar system with a quality storage system. In Bunbury, West Surge Solar is the ideal place offering the exciting deals in battery storage systems Bunbury to fulfil your emergency power supply requirements.

We offer top rated battery brands such as CGL batteries, Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, and many more. We are a proudly Perth owned and managed business, been in service for over 20 years offering the most reliable components. We are proud to be one of the fully trusted, accredited, and licensed solar company bunbury, Mandurah and Busselton Perth, Australia.

Why Choose West Surge Battery storage Bunbury

You may have heard that solar energy is a great way to save money and an environmentally friendly source of power for your home.

A solar battery stores the excess electricity from your solar power system. That means it’s not wasted. And at night or on cloudy days you don’t need to be reliant on the grid. Solar batteries, like Tesla and sonnen, are a big tick for your hip pocket, the environment and your peace of mind. Battery storage is a much more efficient use of solar PV, and also a great way of reducing your carbon footprint as well as your bills!

Optimising Solar Power

Excess solar energy produced during the day by default will be sold back to the retailer for a fraction of what you would pay to purchase energy. Now, energy storage systems will enable homeowners to store their excess energy and use it at peak times, like late afternoon, when energy is at its most expensive. This increases self-consumption of solar energy and improves the return you see from a solar power system, saving you money and reducing how much you need to rely on the greater power grid.

Backup Power

Battery storage systems can be configured to provide backup power in the event of a power blackout. The property owners can choose to run their entire home, or configure it so that only essential circuits - like lights, fridges, security, fire alarms, internet or medical equipment stay on. This is perfect for people in remote or unreliable power areas or for those who can’t risk losing power.

Depend on 100% renewable energy

One of solar power’s greatest strengths is that it’s a 100% renewable source of energy. Adding a battery to your solar energy system allows you to consume 100% renewable energy, and renewable energy is an inexhaustible supply. Unlike conventional energy, solar power has the potential to support our children, our children’s children, and so on, without running out.

Protect The Life Of Your Appliances

Appliances require steady, safe voltage. Even the slightest of voltage variation can damage and shorten their life. Energy from a battery, on the other hand, is “pure sinewave power.” It remains constant without fluctuation. This stability minimises the wear and tear on your appliances, increasing their life-time and reducing the overall repair and replacement cost.

If you have questions about adding a battery to your solar energy system, or getting a completely new solar & battery storage solution, contact West Surge Battery Storage today!

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